Marketing platform for the retail

With Gonnado you measure the yield clicks, increase sales and increase the reduce costs - in record time.

Coordination of all channels

With Gonnado's software, consumers are addressed on many channels, led to a lead form and converted to sales. Expensive channels are optimized, costs are reduced. Cheap channels are expanded, sales increase. This happens automatically, you make rapid progress.


Your website links to landing pages, opens onsite layers, and sends emails to convert visitors who don't buy instantly to leads.

Online Advertising

More than 2 million websites, including Facebook, Google, Instagram and Youtube, are displaying ads that link to landing pages.

Offline Advertising

QR codes and NFC tags are attached to your offline channels, such as POS, print advertising or packaging, which link to landing pages.

Lead Generation

Large Volume

Thanks to the coordination of numerous channels and the conversion-optimized lead forms, lead generation with Gonnado is extremely effective.

Use of Data

The lead form is used to request certain data. These can be used in a variety of ways, for example for newsletters, loyality cards, CRM or call centres.

High Conversion Rate

It is measured which leads lead to a purchase and which leads do not. This focuses lead generation on consumers with a high purchase probability.

GDPR Compliant

From lead forms to data processing and archiving to individual user accounts, Gonnado offers exemplary data protection.

Sales Promotion

Customer Benefits

Coupons can offer customers various benefits, such as a discount, a sweepstake or a gift.

Mobile Coupon

Mobile coupons offer numerous functions such as reminders, sharing or store directories, which maximizes the redemption rate.

Stationary or Online

Coupons can be redeemed both stationary, for example by scanning a bar code, or by means of a coupon code in the online shop.

Coupon Redemption

The redemption of coupons is compatible with any POS system and is registered and returned by Gonnado independently of the POS system.

Conversion Tracking

If a customer redeems a coupon, this sale can be traced back to the entire customer journey. The linking of each sale with millions of data points from the channels, advertising media and target audiences enables comprehensive optimization. From the very first minute of a campaign, this reduces costs and increases revenue.

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