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iKlinik increases in-store sales with Online to Offline Campaigns


increase in ROAS


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


increase of the click-through rate

Since we use Gonnado’s solutions, we can measure the costs per acquisition of each customer. And we already suceeded in reducing them significantly. Gonnado helps us, to bring continuously new customers into our stores.


About iKlinik

With its brands iKlinik, Fixrepair and Handydoktor, mobile klinik is the leading Swiss provider of mobile phone repairs. Mobile klinik employs over 80 people and offers its repair service for smartphones and tablets in around 40 branches. In addition to inexpensive repairs such as changing the display, replacing the battery or repairing water damage, mobile klinik offers a comprehensive range of mobile phone accessories and expert advice.


iKlinik accepts all orders on an inpatient basis in its branches. Therefore, the effect of online marketing could not be measured so far. iKlinik commissioned Gonnado to measure how much turnover is generated by Google Ads, Facebook Ads and the SEO traffic of iKlink in the branches. The obtained data should subsequently be used to increase the efficiency of the online marketing measures.


Gonnado has offered a CHF 22 discount coupon online for repairs at iKlinik. Interested parties were able to order the coupon by e-mail or text message and could thus be tracked as a lead conversion. Gonnado also measured which coupons subsequently led to sales in the branches. With the lead and sale conversion data obtained, the Google Ads and Facebook Ads could be optimised to maximise ROAS.


By specifically addressing the target groups on the basis of the conversion data, wastage was minimized. This reduced the cost per click by 67% and increased the click-through rate by 260%. This led to an increase in ROAS of about 200%, which enabled iKlinik to achieve an attractive ROAS of 5x that of its online marketing efforts.

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