More Sales for your Retail Stores

Increase the number of sales in your stores and lower your acquisition cost per sale.


What do we offer?

Gonnado offers a suite of performance marketing tools that hack your in-store revenue growth. Our customers boost their sales across new and existing customers, increase the buying frequency as well as the average transaction value.

More Sales

  • Targeted promotions
  • New customers
  • Higher shopping cart value
  • Higher buying frequency

Higher ROI

  • Omnichannel tracking
  • Accurate customer profiles
  • Ongoing campaign optimizations
  • More sales for the same budget

How does it work?

Gonnado’s marketing solution supplements your conversion data with new data points by tracking customers across all media channels as well as offline through coupons, loyalty cards and payment cards. This comprehensive data stream is used to continuously optimise your campaigns, targeting high-converting customers, increasing your ROAS and supercharging your sales.


Gonnado’s sales growth solution is powered by a range of performance marketing and tracking tools.

What does all this cost?

Here is the best part: Gonnado charges solely on a performance basis.

We promised you sales, so you only pay per sale.

Our design work, technology, implementation and campaign management are all included in that price.

Success Stories

Découvrez les succès de nos partenaires grâce à la suite de marketing à la performance de Gonnado.

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Golfers Paradise

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Metro Boutique

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Gidor Coiffeur

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