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We want you to noticeably more customers, sales and turnover.

Why Gonnado?

Gonnado was founded in 2013 with the principle of making online marketing measurable for stationary retailers as well. Since then, we have been developing software that measures and promotes conversions across all channels to help you increase leads, sales and revenue.


The software is the result of more than 50'000 hours of development time and the experience of more than 500 campaigns. You can immediately benefit from the technology without investing time and money in development.


Billing is purely performance-based per lead or sale. You can therefore rely on reliable, predictable results. Because we only earn when you earn, we pursue 100% common interests.


You plan, control and utilize - our software and our team do the manual work. If you lack a feature, we will develop it for you. In this way we form a symbiosis to win more customers together.


Samuel Mäder


Simon Walther


Florian Nast

Head of Business Development

John Gannon

Head of Development

Ngoc Anh Truong

HR and Finance

Valentina Giuffrè

Campaign Manager

Viktoria König

Campaign Manager

Dario Breitenstein

UI/UX Designer

Sergio Vignali

Data Scientist

Cihat Ünsal

Frontend Developer

Alim Mustafoski

Frontend Developer

Benjamin Lux

Backend Developer

Bruno Senti

Backend Developer

Danilo Banjac

Backend Developer

Lars Kindler

Backend Developer

Alessandra Alves

Business Development Manager


Become a part of our innovative team and help to gain more leads, sales and turnover for our customers.

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