Website Layers

Website layers activate your website visitors with personalized incentives and thereby boost the conversion rate of your website.


Boost your conversions

Gonnado’s website layers boost your leads and sales by individually addressing your website visitors with personalized offers and offering conversion tracking on all channels.

Website Layers

More conversions on your website

Gonnado’s website layers regularly achieve conversion rates in the range of 1 – 5% of website visitors. Individual targeting combined with the coupon incentive offer a breakthrough for your website conversions.


Features of website layers

Website layers appear for specified website visitors according to defined rules and offer a personal coupon that can be claimed with a lead form. In this way you generate more leads for your direct marketing and more sales in your online and offline stores.

»What are you aiming for?«

Sales promotion

Website layers can offer a digital coupon as a buying incentive (more).

Example: A cosmetics store offers visitors that reach their website via a campaign a €10 coupon for purchases of at least €80 in order to increase sales in the branches.

Lead generation

Website layers and integrated lead forms are used to generate leads for your direct marketing (more).

Example: A shoe retailer uses website layers to offer visitors that are leaving their website a €10 voucher if they register for the newsletter.

Conversion Tracking

Website layers allow you to measure subsequent online and offline conversions (more).

Example: A hardware store measures which clicks in a display campaign lead to which sales in the branches and sends the conversions to the Google Marketing Platform.


Website layers can be personalized so that their content is suited precisely to the person and that moment (more).

Example: A furniture store offers a voucher code for free delivery to online shop visitors who have an item in their shopping cart and are about to leave the website.

»How do you want to target customers?«

Scrolling behaviour

Website layers are activated at certain moments, such as on entering or leaving the website.

Example: A fashion store activates a website layer with a coupon when customers are about to leave the online shop without having made a purchase.

Sufing behaviour

Website layers are activated depending on whether the customer has previously visited or not visited certain URLs.

Example: A water park offers a 20% coupon for tickets at the ticket office to website visitors who have viewed the price list but not visited the online shop.

Buying behaviour

Website layers appear to persons who have or have not made a purchase within a certain time frame.

Example: An electronics store shows visitors that have bought a game console a website layer with a €10 coupon for ordering a minimum of three games.

Personal data

Website layers only appear to persons with specified characteristics such as device type, location, gender or age.

Example: A hairdresser shows all female website visitors within a radius of 10 km around each branch a website layer with a 20% coupon for hair colouring.


All design elements such as image, colour and font are adapted to the design of your website.

Example: An insurance shows persons interested in one of five specified insurance products a CD-compliant website layer with the respective product visual.

A/B Testing

Multiple versions of the website layer are activated simultaneously in order to measure which layer achieves the best results.

Example: A car brand shows website visitors layers with 10 different visuals and determines which visual has the best conversion rate for each target group.

»Which conversions do you want to measure?«

Offline conversions

Website layers let you offer coupons with which you can measure even offline sales (more).

Example: A sporting goods retailer uses website layers to measure which generic search terms on Google lead to which sales in the branches.

Online conversions

Website layers measure the conversions on your website that are achieved using a coupon from a layer (more).

Example: A supermarket marks coupons that are used as voucher codes in the online shop as redeemed so that those coupons are no longer valid for use in the branches either.

Custom conversions

A conversion pixel can be added to the website layer in order to report the conversions to additional services (more).

Example: A restaurant chain reports the sales achieved with their website layer to three advertising networks where a brand campaign is being run.

Conversion optimization

With leads and sales conversion data all online marketing measures can be optimized (more).

Example: A garden centre measures the Return on Ad Spend that its Google Search Ads keywords have generated in the branch in order to lower the Cost Per Acquisition.

»Where shall we send the data?«

CRM systems

Website layers contain interfaces for sending the generated lead data to your CRM system (more).

Example: The supported CRM systems include Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Oracle, Sage, Monday, Pipedrive and Insightly.

Advertising networks

Website layers send lead and sales conversions to your ad accounts on Google, Facebook and more. (more).

Example: Supported advertising networks include Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Doubleclick Ad Exchange, Amazon Advertising, Criteo, Linkedin Ads and AppNexus.

Lead forms

Gonnado’s lead forms can be used within the website layers (more).

Example: A warehouse uses a website layer with a lead form that appears when a customer is about to leave the website in order to generate more newsletter signups.

Digital coupons

Gonnado’s digital coupons can be used within the website layers (more).

Example: A fitness studio shows website visitors who are about to leave the website a layer with a €50 coupon for an annual membership.

Lead Forms

Generate leads

The combination of Gonnado’s website layer and lead forms will help you get the most out of your lead generation with website layers.

Digital Coupons

Achieve sales

Offer Gonnado’s personal coupons in your website layers to increase the number of sales and the shopping cart value in your stores.

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