Lead Forms

Gonnado offers you lead forms for integration in your website and landing pages to help you generate more leads with your online marketing.


More leads on your website

With Gonnado’s lead forms the leads that are generated on your website are automatically synchronized with your systems.

Lead Forms

Lead generation per copy paste

Integrate our lead forms in your website and landing pages with HTML snippets. The generated user data as well as the leads and sales conversions are sent to all your marketing systems.


Features of lead forms

Gonnado’s flexible lead forms can be integrated into any website or app and all new leads are automatically imported into your CRM. Our tracking tools allow you to measure in real time which leads convert online or offline.

»Flexible Lead Forms.«

Form fields

You can use the fields in the lead forms to request personal data, such as name, e-mail or mobile number.

Example: A shoe store requests information on gender, first name, last name, e-mail and birth date with their lead form in order to generate a loyalty card signup.


The colours and fonts of the lead forms are adapted to the design of your website.

Example: A tire store adapts the design of the form fields, buttons and texts in the lead form to the corporate design of their website.


Lead forms validate the field entries on submission to ensure a high quality of the generated data.

Example: An insurance company validates that the participants in a sweepstake are over 18 and that the mobile numbers entered are correct.


Lead forms allow you to obtain GDPR-conform consent to data protection and marketing communications.

Example: In the lead form a furniture store obtains the required consents with a checkbox each for data protection and the ordering their catalog by mail.

»Personalized customer touchpoint«

Pre-populated fields

For users that are known to the Gonnado platform, the lead forms are already loaded with pre-populated fields.

Example: A fashion store has Gonnado pre-populates the e-mail field in the lead form to increase the conversion rate.

Hidden Fields

Lead forms can hide fields if that information is already known for that specific user.

Example: A retailer only shows the field asking for a mobile number in the lead form if the mobile number of that customer is not yet known.

A/B Testing

Multiple versions of a lead form are used in order to measure which forms achieve the best results.

Example: A sporting goods retailer tests lead forms with 3, 4, 5 and 6 form fields to determine how much the conversion rate drops through the addition of more fields.


Lead forms can exclude certain customers that can be fed in via a CSV upload or API.

Example: An electronics store excludes existing newsletter subscribers from its promotion for new newsletter signups.

»Incentivise customers with coupons«


Lead forms can send discount coupons to users upon submission.

Example: A hairdresser adds a lead form to their website with which interested parties can order a €10 discount coupon.


Lead forms can be used for participation in a sweepstake.

Example: A car brand is holding a raffle to give away a trip to one of the people signing up to test drive a new model that spring.


Lead forms can send a coupon for a freebie to users on submission.

Example: A health insurer uses a lead form to send welcome gifts to customers who request a consultation appointment and close on-site.


Lead forms can send service coupons to users on submission.

Example: A repair company offers a free pick-up service to customers who enter their contact details when setting up the appointment.

»Data Protection Best Practices«

GDPR Consent

Lead forms contain checkboxes for consenting to data protection policies and marketing measures.

Example: A theme park uses two separate checkboxes to obtain consent for their data protection policy and the newsletter signup, both of which have to be checked by the customer.

Double Opt-In

Lead forms in the layer offer the option of double opt-in, both via e-mail and text message.

Example: A book store requires a double opt-in for signups to their newsletter before the customer is rewarded with the coupon.

GDPR Archiving

For every form that is completed in the layer, a screenshot of that form is archived for evidence.

Example: A supermarket shows a customer who complains about the newsletter a year after signing up the screenshot of the completed form.

GDPR Backend

Users who have completed the lead form can log in to change their data or delete it.

Example: A car brand offers participants in a sweepstake the possibility to delete their data from the GDPR backend.

»Where shall we send the leads?«


Lead forms can send the generated newsletter signups to your newsletter system via an API.

Example: The supported newsletter systems include Mailchimp, Constant Contact, SendinBlue, GetResponse, Campaigner, Campaign Monitor and Hubspot.

Online Advertisements

The Conversion pixel of your ad accounts can be added so that the leads can be tracked in those accounts.

Example: The supported advertising networks include Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Doubleclick Ad Exchange, Amazon Advertising, Criteo, Linkedin Ads and AppNexus.


Lead forms can send the generated leads directly to your CRM system via an API.

Example: The supported CRM systems include Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Oracle, Sage, Monday, Pipedrive and Insightly.


Lead forms cans send conversion and tracking data to your website analytics tools.

Example: The supported website analytics tools include Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Adobe Analytics.

»We measure all conversions«

Online Conversions

Lead forms measure which generated leads subsequently make a purchase on the website.

Example: An electronics store redeems vouchers that have been used in the online shop so that they cannot be used again in the branch.

Offline Conversions

Lead forms measure which generated leads subsequently make a purchase in a branch.

Example: A baby store uses a website layer to measure which generic Google search terms led to which sales in the branch.

Lead Backend

The leads generated with lead forms can be manually redeemed in the Gonnado backend.

Example: A fitness studio manually redeems the leads in the lead backend that signed up for an annual membership after the trial day.

Lead API

The conversions that are achieved with the lead generation can be transmitted via a Lead API.

Example: A homeware store sends the revenues generated from each new customer of their loyalty program to Gonnado using the Lead API.


What does all this cost?

Gonnado charges solely on a performance basis. Depending on the goal of your promotion, you only pay per sales or lead.

Our design work, technology, implementation and campaign management are all included in that price.

Website Layer

Activate customers

Use the lead forms in combination with Gonnado’s website layers to boost the number of leads you generate with the lead forms.

Digital Coupons

Offer an incentive

Boost your leads with a limited time offer that grants your customers an added incentive to fill out the lead form now.


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