Landing Pages

Gonnado’s landing pages can be linked to from your branches or online shop and allow you to generate leads and import them into your CRM.


Boost your leads and sales

Gonnado’s landing pages offer you high conversion rates, comprehensive analytics and tracking tools as well as interfaces to all your marketing systems.

Landing Pages

Lead generation in your stores

Integrate Gonnado’s QR codes and short URLs in your POS advertising materials or link to the landing page with the lead form from your website. Your conversions will be captured on all channels and reported to your systems.


Features of Landing Pages

Gonnado’s flexible landing pages can be used on every channel and all new leads are automatically imported into your CRM. With our tracking tools you can measure in real time which leads convert online or offline.

»What are you aiming for?«

Lead generation

Landing pages and integrated lead forms are used to generate leads for your direct marketing (more).

Example: Using QR codes at POS, a shoe retailer links to landing pages where visitors receive a €10 voucher for signing up to the newsletter.

Sales promotion

Landing pages can offer a digital coupon as a buying incentive (more).

Example: A cosmetics store offers visitors that reach their website via a campaign a €10 coupon to increase sales in the branches.

Conversion Tracking

Landing pages let you measure subsequent online and offline conversions (more).

Example: A furniture store measures which branch visitors lead to which sales in the online shop and sends the conversions into the Google marketing platform.


Landing pages allow you to register customers in your branches for digital marketing measures (more).

Example: A fashion store offers customers that buy in a branch a flyer with a coupon if they sign up for the newsletter.

»Which marketing measures do you prefer?«


Flyers can be added to shopping bags or packages and link to the landing pages.

Example: A fashion store adds a flyer to every shopping bag that offers a €10 voucher for signing up to the newsletter.


Cardboard or screen displays are installed in the branches and link to the landing pages.

Example: A shoe store places A4-displays on the shelves that offer a 10% discount for a newsletter signup.


Stickers are placed in the branches or the packages and link to the landing pages.

Example: A sporting goods manufacturer adds stickers to the shoe boxes that offer a 20% discount for a newsletter signup.


The website or online advertisements link to the landing pages, which are integrated into the website.

Example: A furniture store uses the slider on their homepage to display a welcome voucher for loyalty card signups and links to a landing page for the registration.

QR codes

QR codes are integrated into advertisements and link to the landing pages when scanned.

Example: A hardware store sets up A3-displays in the branches for their loyalty card and uses a QR code to link to a landing page with an immediately redeemable discount.

Short URLs

Short URLs are integrated into advertisements, can be entered or clicked and link to the landing pages.

Example: A retailer adds short URLs under the QR codes on his POS advertisements so that customers without QR readers can still access the landing page.

»We capture all conversions.«

Online Conversions

Landing pages measures the website conversions that were achieved with a landing page (more).

Example: A supermarket measures which orders in the online shop are from customers that received a flyer at the cash register of a branch.

Offline Conversions

Landing pages can issue coupons that measure sales in the branches (more).

Example: A sporting goods retailer uses mobile coupons to measure how many sales in the branches are achieved through the eight in-store advertisements.

Custom Conversions

Conversion pixel can be added to landing pages in order to report conversions to any third party service (mehr).

Example: An optician saves the conversions that are achieved at POS as a target group in his advertising account and runs a retargeting campaign.

Conversion Optimization

Leads and sales conversion data allows all online marketing measures to be optimized (mehr).

Example: A shoe store uses the POS conversion data to expand the base target group of its prospecting campaign.

»We send all the data to your systems.«

CRM Systems

Landing pages contain interfaces for sending the generated lead data to your CRM systems (more).

Example: An optician saves the newsletter signups that were generated at POS to his Mailchimp newsletter account using an API.

Advertising Networks

Landing pages send leads and sales conversion to your ad accounts with Google, Facebook and more (more).

Example: A travel agency sends all bookings to its advertising networks to measure the ROAS of its online campaign in the branches.

Lead forms

Gonnado’s lead forms can be used in the landing pages (more).

Example: A warehouse adds a lead form to their landing page for customers looking to claim a coupon in order to generate more leads in the branches.

Digital coupons

Gonnado’s digital coupons can be used in the landing page (more).

Example: A cosmetics producer links to landing page on the packaging where he offers a 2 for 1 coupon as an incentive for newsletter signups.

Lead Forms

Generate more leads

The generated lead data is sent to your CRM system and your ad accounts. Thanks to Gonnado’s integration with all commonly used platforms you can use your generated data from anywhere.

Digital Coupons

Achieve more sales

The coupon function issues customers who fill out the lead forms with a coupon. Coupons can be redeemed in the branches or in the online shop and the sales conversions are reported directly into your marketing systems.

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