Digital Coupons

Gonnado’s coupons offer your customers personalized buying incentives and empower you to measure and optimize your marketing measures in real-time.


More Leads and Sales through Couponing

With Gonnado’s coupons your customers receive a personal incentive to fill out a lead form or make a purchase.

Digital Coupons

More Sales in your Stores

Digital coupons entitle your customers to a benefit on purchase and thereby offer an additional incentive to buy now. Coupons also drive up the shopping cart value and increase the buying frequency.


Features von Coupons

Coupons are only offered to target groups which are selected based on predefined rules. All available data, such as personal details, online tracking data and usage data, is saved in the coupons. Coupons are redeemed by customers showing them at the time of purchase and receiving a corresponding benefit. Coupons can be redeemed on all sales channels, including at the in-store cash register, in the online shop or in field service.

»Which incentive do you offer your customers?«


Offer selected target groups a personal discount as an incentive to buy from you now.

Example: A fashion store offers a €10 coupon on purchases above €50 as an incentive to make a larger purchase.


Offer your target groups participation in a competition as an incentive to buy from you now.

Example: A car dealer offers interested parties the chance to win a trip as an incentive to take a test drive.


Offer selected target groups a personal gift or freebie as an incentive to make a purchase from you now.

Example: An insurance company offers its shopping voucher for €50 when customers take out a new policy, as an incentive for the signup.


Offer interested parties a special service as an additional incentive to buy from you now.

Example: A repair service for smartphones offers a free pick-up as an incentive to book a repair.

»Our coupons are available in all formats.«

Mobile Coupon

Mobile coupons can be opened as a web app on every smartphone. They can be redeemed in your store branches, your online shop or in direct sales.

Example: A clothing store offers mobile coupons that grant customers a €10 discount for purchases of over €50 either in-stores or online.

Print Coupon

Print coupons are printed on an A4 paper and can be redeemed in your store branches, your online shop or in direct sales.

Example: A theme park offers print coupons for a 20% discount on up to four tickets at the box office or in the online shop.

Online Coupon

Online coupons can be redeemed as a coupon-code in the shopping cart of your online shop and offer customers a personal saving.

Example: An electronics store offers online coupons that can be redeemed as a coupon code in the shopping cart of the online shop and grant customers a discount of €10 against purchases above €100.

Coupon API

The coupon API sends your lead data for the generation of the coupon to your existing couponing system and thereby offers you maximum flexibility.

Example: A supermarket offers customers who order a loyalty card a welcome discount of 10% when they first present their new loyalty card at the checkout.

»Our coupons support all code formats.«

Bar Code

You can link any bar code, such as an EAN13 or EAN128, to your cash register system. This bar code will then be integrated into the coupons and shown at the POS.

Example: A sporting goods store uses a personalized EAN128 code that is showed and scanned as a mobile coupon at the cash register.

QR Code

For better legibility on mobile screens by the scanner at POS, you can use a QR code instead of a bar code.

Example: A furniture store uses a personalized QR code that can be showed and redeemed at the cash register as a mobile or print coupon.

Text Code

A string code consists of numbers and letters. Such a code can be used at POS if there is no scanner available or can be redeemed online.

Example: A cosmetics store uses a personalized text code that can be redeemed as an online code in the shopping cart of the online shop.

Image Code

An image is used as a code on the coupon and allows the employees at POS to recognize the discount to be given.

Example: A water park uses a certain image on the mobile coupon that serves as a way to identify the promotion on the cash register display.

»Our coupons are compatible with every cash register system.«

Cash Register Scanner

You can link a coupon to your cash register system. By scanning the bar code your cash register will recognize the coupon and can offer the corresponding discount.

Example: A shoe store scans a personalized EAN128 code on their customer’s smartphone with a handheld image-scanner at the cash register.

Cash Register Key

If you do not use scannable coupon codes, you can also offer the discount through key entry on the cash register when a valid coupon is shown at POS.

Example: A theme park programs a key on their cash register with a certain discount and uses that key when a coupon is shown at the ticket office.

Online Shop Code

You can tie coupon codes to your online shop. Customers can then enter these codes in their shopping cart and are thereby granted the discount.

Example: A perfume shop sets up 200,000 personalized coupon codes in their online shop, which customers can enter in the shopping carts.

Contract Option

You can enter a field for a coupon code in your written contracts or let your sales staff enter this manually within the notes section of the agreement.

Example: A car insurance company has its sales advisors write a coupon code in the notes section of the written insurance contract.


What does all this cost?

Gonnado charges solely on a performance basis. Depending on the goal of your promotion, you only pay per sales or lead.

Our design work, technology, implementation and campaign management are all included in that price.

Performance Marketing

Issue more coupons

To ensure that you receive the maximum number of leads, we advertise your promotion through Google Ads and Facebook Ads as well as on your website and in your branches.

Conversion Tracking

Measure follow-up purchases

Use the coupons in combination with Gonnado’s conversion tracking tools to also capture follow-up purchases through the linked loyalty and payment cards.

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