Metro Boutique

Metro Boutique boosts Newsletter Signups and Sales with Omnichannel Strategy


more newsletter signups


lower cost per sale (CPA)


higher average basket value 


return on ad spend (ROAS)

The processing of the mobile coupons in the branches has worked very well. It was important to us that this was simple and fast. In addition to the turnover achieved, we find the massive growth of our newsletter signups and the high online reach particularly cool.


About Metro Boutique

Metro Boutique has been a leading Swiss fashion retailer for over 30 years and today operates 22 stores with unique store design and an online shop. Metro Boutique stands for clothing, shoes and accessories of the hottest brands and always offers the latest trends.


Metro Boutique wanted to better link its online and offline channels to better exploit the opportunities offered by omnichannel marketing. In particular, Metro Boutique wanted to attract more newsletter signups in order to increase customer loyalty. Finally, Metro Boutique aimed to generate additional sales in the online shop and the stores and to increase online reach and awareness.


Gonnado has implemented a comprehensive online marketing funnel for Metro Boutique. New customers were targeted through Google Ads and Facebook Ads and directed to the online shop. Visitors of the online shop were encouraged to buy with the On-Site Layer of Gonnado offering a CHF 10.- voucher. Retargeting ads were used to win back lost visitors. In addition, POS displays with QR codes and mobile landing pages were installed in the stores and flyers were added to the shopping bags and packages.


Metro Boutique has increased its monthly newsletter signups more than 25 times since the beginning of the partnership with Gonnado. Of the leads won, more than a third have made a purchase within one month. Compared to other online campaigns of Metro Boutique, the CPS (cost per sale) of Google Ads and Facebook Ads has been reduced by 61%. At the same time, the generated sales achieved a 55% higher shopping cart value than the average. Overall, the campaign achieved an attractive ROAS (Return on Ad Spends) of 50x.

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