Performance-based sales of gym memberships with Google Ads and Facebook Ads


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Return on Ad Spend

Gonnado is the first online marketing agency to offer us performance marketing with a cost per sale deal. The Gonnado team has adapted very well to our wishes and found a solution for everything. We were very happy when we noticed that it works. We have been able to increase the growth of our members and our customers have also responded very well to the promotion.


About Indigo Fitness Club

Indigo is the leading premium fitness center chain in Switzerland. The company was founded in 2010 and currently employs over 50 people. The 5 fitness clubs are situated in prime locations in Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lucerne and Zug. Indigo stands out for its individually supervised training on state-of-the-art equipment with exclusive interior design, wellness area, courses and first-class service. Indigo sells over 90% of its memberships locally in the clubs.


Indigo has commissioned Gonnado to sell new subscriptions for the fitness club through online marketing. Because over 90% of the memberships are sold offline, mobile coupons are used to measure which clicks lead to a sale and which do not. However, as a premium provider, Indigo does not want to lure customers with discounts, but rather focus on the quality of its service. In addition, all of Indigo’s locations have different workloads, which is why the number of sales per location should be specifically controlled.


Gonnado promoted the Indigo fitness clubs regionally with Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Search and display campaigns were used to increase traffic to the website. On-site measures and retargeting ads generated leads for a trial training session from the website visitors. The interested parties received a mobile coupon with the incentive of a CHF 100,- shopping voucher when signing up for a new membership. By redeeming the coupons when signing the contract in the clubs, the sales achieved could be measured. With the lead and sales conversion data from the coupon downloads and redemption, the return on ad spend of the Google Ads and Facebook Ads could be maximized.


During the 6-month campaign, the number of leads for trial trainings, which Indigo achieves monthly, increased by 63%. With the leads gained, the number of memberships sold increased by 33%. Indigo’s goal of selling more memberships through performance marketing was thus achieved. In addition to the growth, the campaign also achieved an attractive return on ad spend of 16x. The processing of mobile coupons by Indigo employees and customers worked well. As a further result, valuable data was obtained, which forms the basis for even stronger growth in future measures.


Indigo was able to significantly increase its presence on the Internet with 1.4 million additional advertising contacts. Measured by the achieved return on ad spend of 16x, this investment in Google Ads and Facebook Ads has proven to be very profitable. Indigo therefore intends to further expand its presence on the Internet in order to further increase growth in terms of memberships sold and to expand its market share.

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