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How Golfers Paradise tracked 160% more Sales with Mobile Coupons


increase in newsletter subscriptions


more sales through online marketing


share of new

With Gonnado we can measure what results our online marketing achieves in the stores – and we achieved a ROI that is very satisfying. We were surprised by just how much we were able to increase our newsletter subscriptions with Gonnado. We are also pleased that the share of new customers in the generated leads is very high at 80%.


About Golfers Paradise

Golfers Paradise is the leading retailer of golf equipment in Switzerland. Golfers Paradise offers a comprehensive range of golfers’ fashion, shoes, equipment and accessories in 17 stores and in its online shop. The nationwide branch network and comprehensive product range is complemented by services and competent advice in all areas.


Golfers Paradise registers many visitors in its online shop. However, more than 90% of customers visit a store after visiting the website to make a purchase. It had however not yet been possible to measure the actual ROPO effect. Golfers Paradise wanted to measure and increase the online-to-offline traffic with the tools of Gonnado. In addition, Golfers Paradise hoped to increase the number of newsletter subscriptions.


Gonnado promoted the Golfers Paradise stores and online shop with Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Through search and display campaigns the traffic to the online shop was increased. Online shop visitors who did not buy immediately were offered a discount coupon through On-Site Layer and Retargeting Ads. To order the coupon, users needed to register for the newsletter. The mobile coupons also made it possible to measure sales in the stores, in addition to sales in the online shop. Conversion optimization maximized the ROAS of the promotion.


Since the start of the cooperation with Gonnado, the measurable number of sales attributable to online marketing has increased by 160%. Golfers Paradise has been able to increase the number of monthly newsletter subscriptions sixfold through the partnership with Gonnado. In addition to the high volume of additional newsletter subscriptions, an attractive new customer share of around 80% was achieved.

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