Gidor Coiffure lifts Sales with National Drive to Store Campaign


more newsletter subscriptions


sale conversions were measured online for the first time


Return on Ad Spend achieved (ROAS)

With Gonnado, we can for the first time directly measure how much turnover we achieve through online marketing in our stores. The measurability and the good results we have achieved with Gonnado are convincing. It was also pleasing that we received a lot of positive feedback from employees and customers.


About GIDOR Coiffure

With over 90 branches, GIDOR Coiffure is the Swiss market leader in the hairdressing industry. In addition to the branches, the internet shop, the GIDOR Academy and various other hairdressing and beauty brands also belong to GIDOR SA. The company employs a total of over 1,000 people.


GIDOR Coiffure wanted to acquire more new customers in Eastern Switzerland in order to better utilise the capacity of its 15 or so regional branches. Up to now, GIDOR Coiffure has placed only a small amount of online advertising, not least because the effect of its online advertising on the branches could not be measured directly. For this reason, GIDOR Coiffure commissioned Gonnado to address new customers with regional campaigns and to measure the acquired customers with mobile coupons.


GIDOR Coiffure has used the programmatic platform of Gonnado to broadly control its campaign. Potential customers living within a radius of 10 kilometres around a branch were targeted for advertisement. The target group was addressed in Google search results, on the GIDOR Coiffure website, in Facebook News, on over 2,000 other websites, as well as by text message and e-mail. Interested parties were able to order a mobile coupon for a discount of CHF 10,- by e-mail. This performance tracking allowed preference to be given to the measures that achieved the highest ROAS.


Thanks to the measures taken, additional sales were generated in the advertised stores in Eastern Switzerland. Of the coupons issued, 38% were redeemed. This resulted in a ROAS of 3x. Compared with the ROAS that Gidor Coiffure normally achieves in a free newspaper, this is an increase of around 10%. The number of newsletter subscribers was also increased by 10%.

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