Offline Conversion Tracking for Retail Stores

Track how much turnover your online ads achieve in your retail stores, optimize your cross channel conversions and increase your ROI.

Offline Conversion Tracking

Coupons bring the digital Profile to the POS

Gonnado provides forms to capture leads and send personalized coupons by email and SMS. When coupons are redeemed in retail stores the sales are reported back online

Store Digital Profile
Personalize Coupons

Prospects fill in the lead form to claim a coupon and store their digital profile in the coupon.

Identify Customers Offline
Redeem Coupons

Customers redeem the coupon at the checkout and the sale is tracked back online.

Coupon Benefits and Card Attribution

A coupon benefit serves as incentive for the customer to identify at the point of sale. As coupon benefit you can offer a discount, a gift or a sweepstake. If the customer uses a loyalty or payment card, further sales can be tracked without another coupon.

Discount Coupons

Discount as an incentive to identify at the POS with the coupon.

Gift Coupons

Personal gift as an incentive to identify at the POS with the coupon.

Sweepstake Coupons

Sweepstake as an incentive to identify at the POS with the coupon.

Card Tracking

Link digital profiles through coupons to loyalty, debit or credit cards.

A concrete Example

A promotion is advertised online. Prospects can get a coupon in exchange for signing up to the newsletter. By redeeming the coupons, offline sales are measured similar like online sales.

Offline Conversion Tracking
Online Ad

Prospects click on an ad.

Offline Conversion Tracking
Lead Generation

Prospects fill in the lead form.

Mobile Coupon

Prospects get a coupon by email.

Conversion Tracking

Sales are measured offline.

Why Gonnado?

These benefits make our offline conversion tracking to a unique experience.

Tracking with Coupons

Tracking with Coupons

Customers identify their digital profile with coupons at the POS and enable to track their offline purchases.

Tracking with Cards

Tracking with Cards

Once connected through a purchase with a coupon, offline sales can be tracked with the customers payment card.

Track any Online Marketing

Track any Online Marketing

Gonnado\’s offline conversion tracking solutions enable you to track the success of any kind of online marketing.

Purely Success based

Purely Success based

For all Gonnado services you pay only a small amount per sale generated through the service.

Offline Conversion Tracking Features

Gonnado’s offline conversion tracking platform provides you with comprehensive in-store measurement tools. All features are available to our partners purely performance baseded.

Offline Conversion Tracking
Mobile Coupons

The web-based mobile coupons send the conversions through the customer’s mobile device.

Offline Conversion Tracking
Print Coupons

Print coupons with a code to redeem them in the scanning center or partner backend.

Offline Conversion Tracking
Coupon Codes

The coupons allow all forms of codes, such as barcodes or QR codes, that are compatible with your POS system.

Offline Conversion Tracking
Cash Register API

REST API to send basket and payment information from your cash register system to your online accounts.

Payment Card Tracking

When redeeming a coupon, the debit or credit card can be stored to attribute future purchases without a coupon.

Loyalty Card Tracking

When redeeming a coupon, the customer card can be stored to attribute future purchases without a coupon.

Offline Conversion Tracking
Basket Tracking

Tracking of the shopping cart value and purchased products linked to your online accounts.

Offline Conversion Tracking
Google & Facebook Ads

Gonnado sends offline conversions to Google Ads and Facebook Ads using the Google and Facebook APIs.

Offline Conversion Tracking
Pixel Integration

Offline conversions can be sent via javascript to any ad networks like Criteo or tracking tools like Google Analytics.

Offline Conversion Tracking
CRM Interface

Gonnado sends the conversion data to your CRM system, such as Salesforce or Hubspot via API or data import.

Offline Conversion Tracking
Omnichannel User ID

Your customers are identified on your website and in your stores with an account based tracking.

Partner Backend

Coupons can be redeemed manually or according to certain rules in the Gonnado partner backend.

Case Studies of our Partners

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Offline Conversion Tracking

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Offline Conversion Tracking

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How does the Pricing Model work?

Gonnado uses a transparent, purely performance-based pricing model. There are no set-up costs or fixed fees. Gonnado only charges a small percentage of the turnover.

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