About Us

We have set ourselves the goal of making online advertising measurable at all retail checkouts. In this way, we help companies to optimize their online advertising so that it achieves the maximum ROI.

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Our Mission

Companies usually only measure the success of their online advertising in the online shop. But on average, they achieve 90% of their sales in the stores. A large part of the advertising effect is therefore not measured.

Our task is to make stationary sales measurable. We want offline sales to appear in your online statistics in the same way as sales in your online shop.

The result? The number of conversions in your ad accounts increases significantly, making conversion-optimized bidding strategies more accurate and reducing the price per conversion.


Gonnado offers a unique platform for measuring and increasing the turnover generated by online advertising in stationary trade. And we are so convinced of our technology and our skills that our clients only pay on a per lead or per sale basis.

Only Gonnado offers you the combination of Programmatic Advertising, Mobile Couponing and Conversion Tracking, which is necessary to maximize the ROI of your online marketing measures in stationary trade.

Our Employees

At Gonnado we foster a global community that believes in change through technology. Today, we have offices in Switzerland, Germany and Austria and our dynamic, multinational team of experts serves international clients from a wide range of sectors.

Our employees are inventors, marketers, technologists and creative minds. Adaptable to change and agile in a fast-paced environment. Every day we are challenged to improve, and in return we are determined to create a culture that embodies integrity and rewards employee performance.