Performance Marketing Platform for Retailers

With Gonnado’s performance marketing tools, you can increase sales in your retail stores and generate leads for your direct marketing.

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The Gonnado Performance Marketing Platform

Only the performance marketing platform Gonnado offers performance marketing with a cost per sale model for bricks and mortar retail stores. Start to use our omnichannel marketing toolbox today!

Programmatic Ads

Attract Customers
with Promotions

With Gonnado’s DSP, you can book performance-based advertising space on the Google and Facebook networks, which reach over 90% of all internet users every day. In addition, Gonnado offers tools for website and POS promotions.

Lead Generation

Store digital Profiles
with Leads

With Gonnado’s lead generation tools you store the digital profile of your customers in a coupon. As a result, your leads can also be measured offline by redeeming the mobile coupon. And you generate GDPR-compliant data for your direct marketing.

Offline Conversion Tracking

Track Offline Sales
at the POS

Use Gonnado coupons for your offline conversion tracking. By redeeming the coupon, the purchases in the stores are measured in the same way as the purchases in the online shop. The return of each click is measured and optimized in real time.

Industry-specific Solutions

Gonnado offers tailor-made performance marketing tools for different sectors



Connect your online and offline channels and measure the impact of your online advertising in your retail stores.


Amusement Park

Sell more tickets at your ticket office with the digital advertising and couponing service for amusement parks.



Generate leads for your salesforce online and measure which online clicks lead to which sales in the field service.



Generate leads online and schedule them by phone for a test drive – and measure which clicks lead to a car sales.



Generate leads online and schedule them for a trial session. Measure which clicks lead to a membership.



Gain customers for your services through online marketing and measure what clicks lead to additional sales.

Case Studies of our Partners

Learn more about the success stories we have achieved with our performance marketing partners.


How Dosenbach achieved


more sale conversions.
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How Golfers Paradise achieved


more sale conversions.
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How Metro Boutique achieved a


higher return on ad spend (ROAS).
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How Gidor Coiffeur achieved


more newsletter signups.
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How does the Pricing Model work?

Gonnado uses a transparent, purely performance-based pricing model. There are no set-up costs or fixed fees. Gonnado only charges a small percentage of the turnover.

Try it now

It’s easy to try Gonnado – tell us what you expect and we will start to deliver paying customers to your stores within just a few days.