Terms of Use (ToU) of the Gonnado AG

The following Terms of Use govern the relationship between providers of leisure activities (provider) on the website gonnado.com and the company Gonnado AG (Gonnado) itself.

  1. 1. Contract of these ToU

    1. 1.1. Gonnado operates the website gonnado.com as an online marketplace for leisure, directed at potential domestic and foreign users who seek information and offers in the area of leisure. Gonnado offers various options for online marketing on the web.

    2. 1.2. These terms and conditions govern the financial statements, the content and execution of contracts for the online marketing on the web page gonnado.com between Gonnado and the provider.

  1. 2. Services and conditions of Gonnado/h1>

    1. 2.1. Toplisting (CPC)

      1. 2.1.1. When Toplisting, Gonnado ensures that the ads of the providers are standing at the top of the offer list on Gonnado. Additionally, the offers can be displayed on external advertising channels (such as Google or Facebook) according to the criteria defined. In return the providers pay the agreed amount of money for each click on their advertisement. Clicks made on desktops from external advertising channels either lead to the advertised offer on Gonnado or directly to the provider's website, according to order. Clicks made on mobile devices from external advertising channels lead to the mobile version of the Gonnado landing page specifically made for the advertised offer in order to reach a high conversion on mobile devices too.

      2. 2.1.2. All prices of Toplisting are exclusive VAT. The provider of leisure facilities himself has to declare it properly to his home country.

      3. 2.1.3. CPC balances must be paid in advance. Each time someone clicks on the offer the CPC is automatically deducted from the balance. Gonnado is allowed to delete the ads of the provider once the credit is fully depleted. Claims of the provider to refund any amount already paid shall be excluded.

      4. 2.1.4. In the case of a subscription, there is no fixed price per click but an amount of money which will be fully used in the period of time reached an agreement about. Once this period is over and the provider has not cancelled the subscription, Gonnado will automatically extend it for a month.

    2. 2.2. Display (CPM)

      1. 2.2.1. When using Display, Gonnado takes over the advertising of the leisure provider via banners. In return, they pay Gonnado the agreed amount per display of the banner.

      2. 2.2.2. All prices of Display are exclusive VAT. The provider of leisure facilities himself has to declare it properly to his home country.

      3. 2.2.3. CPM balances must be paid in advance. At each display of the banner the CPM amount is automatically deducted from the balance. Gonnado is allowed to delete the ads of the provider once the credit is fully depleted.

    3. 2.3. Booking (CPS)

      1. 2.3.1. Booking is the process that providers sell their services on gonnado.com and in return Gonnado retains a fixed fee per booking.

      2. 2.3.2. In principle, creating of offers on gonnado.com is free of charge.

      3. 2.3.3. All prices of Booking are exclusive VAT. The provider of leisure facilities himself has to declare it properly to his home country.

    4. 2.4. Affiliate (CPO)

      1. 2.4.1. Affiliate is known as the process where providers advertise their services on gonnado.com and pay a commission on the sales price per Gonnado generated booking in their shop.

      2. 2.4.2. The possibilities offered by Gonnado about online advertising or promotional material, their scope and content and the concrete conditions and prices are determined by the current order form or agreed terms made by phone. All prices quoted the online marketing of Gonnado are exclusive of VAT.

      3. 2.4.3. Gonnado is entitled under the Act to amend the promotional material, the services offered and the terms and conditions of online advertising as well as these terms at any time.

  1. 3. Final contract

    1. 3.1.The contract for the online advertising between Gonnado and the provider is complete with the verbal agreement on site or by telephone statements. Then the order will be sent to the provider. Upon receipt of the order confirmation, the customer has a right of withdrawal of 7 days (Ziff.3.3).

    2. 3.2. With the confirmation of the order and accepting the order confirmation the provider approved as integral parts of the contract and the conditions of the order of Gonnado and these Terms and Conditions. The supplier shall waive the application of any separate terms and conditions.

    3. 3.3. In an oral contract, the provider receives an order confirmation. This is considered as an agreement. This agreement may be revoked within 7 days. The deadline to revoke the agreement shall run from the date of service and must be in writing with a signature. Without revocation, the terms and conditions and these Terms of Use shall be deemed accepted.

    4. 3.4. For international bank transfers Gonnado only assumes its own bank’s bank charges in Switzerland. Therefore providers outside Switzerland have to choose to bear the overseas bank charges and charges of local bank or intermediary bank (SHARE remittance) when making the international transfer. If the provider does not act accordingly and the foreign bank charges are deducted from the payment Gonnado receives, Gonnado reserves the right to deduct these charges from the provider’s advertising credit.International transfers should ideally be carried out through the European SEPA payment system. This minimizes the required time for the transfer between banks and minimizes the bank charges for the provider and Gonnado. It is up to the provider to instruct his bank to make transfers through the SEPA payment system (usually when transferred via IBAN).

  1. 4. Rights and obligations of Gonnado

    1. 4.1. Gonnado has full editorial freedom for the website gonnado.com.

    2. 4.2. Gonnado is free to design the site and placing ads under the terms of the offer.

    3. 4.3. Gonnado may call for the provision of their services to third parties.

    4. 4.4. Gonnado has the right to refuse advertising orders from providers without giving reasons.

    5. 4.5. Gonnado is not responsible for a stable operation of the website and its services.

    6. 4.6. Gonnado represents the provider a monthly reporting.

  1. 5. Content of online advertising

    1. 5.1. Only the provider is responsible for the content of his online advertising and the web pages linked to.

    2. 5.2. The provider is obliged not to publish any content that is unlawful or immoral (such as violence, pornographic or racist content, which calls for violence or crime, betting and gambling, which violate the law of lottery, unfair competition, unsolicited mailings (spam), violations of advertising regulations (such as tobacco, alcohol, therapeutic products, food advertising) or the rights of third parties. The provider shall refrain from any link to a website whose contents are contrary to the principles above. Gonnado disclaims any liability if this provision is violated.

    3. 5.3. If Gonnado detects an illegal or non-conforming use of their performance or non-conforming content in advertising or websites that may be linked to so Gonnado may, at its discretion, suspend its services of this provider immediately, remove the non-conforming content from the platform and / or terminate the contract with the provider. Claims of the provider to refund any amount already paid or compensation shall be excluded in this case. Gonnado in turn is entitled to compensation.

  1. 6. Rights and obligations of the provider

    1. 6.1. The provider delivers the ads and content in a timely manner in accordance with the applicable technical specifications and agreements.

    2. 6.2. The provider is responsible for ensuring that the content and form of his advertisement are lawful and comply with those specified in paragraphs 5.2.

    3. 6.3. The provider has to consider the switched advertising material immediately after the first insertion and notify any defects immediately, otherwise the performance by Gonnado deemed approved.

  1. 7. Remuneration

    1. 7.1. Prices for online advertising on the site are based on the order form and their specific agreement or agreements by telephone. Please notice again that all prices are exclusive of VAT understand (see paragraph 2.1).

    2. 7.2. The bill is issued, unless otherwise agreed, after the receipt of the order.

    3. 7.3. The payment of the invoice is made 10 days from obtaining the order form.

  1. 8. Protection rights

    1. 8.1. The provider confirms that he has all property rights such as copyright, etc for the contents of its advertising and these, if and as long as necessary for the online advertising, Gonnado leaves for use.

  1. 9. Privacy Policy

    1. 9.1. In the processing of personal data from visitors to the website, including the advertising are Gonnado and providers comply with the applicable data protection regulations.

    2. 9.2. The provider shall take appropriate technical arrangements for data security.

  1. 10. Liability

    1. 10.1. We assume no liability for any consequential damages arising from online advertising by a supplier connected to Gonnado. For consequential damages due to non-viable promotions Gonnado assumes no liability.

    2. 10.2. The liability for computer viruses, spyware and other damage caused by computer programs is excluded under any legal title.

  1. 11. Term and Termination

    1. 11.1. The contract is limited on the campaign agreed maturity (as long as clicks are available).

    2. 11.2. With a subscription conclusion, the local information runtime apply with respect.

    3. 11.3. Gonnado is entitled to early termination if the provider including despite a written warning against the contract with Gonnado breach of these Terms and Conditions. In case of violation of para. 5.2. Gonnado is entitled to immediate termination without warning.

    4. 11.4. The provider may withdraw the advertising order to 7 working days before the start of the campaign. Gonnado reserves the right to make the already accrued costs.

  1. 12. General provisions

    1. 12.1. The parties mutually agree to disclose confidential information.

  1. 13. Severability clause

    1. 13.1. f any provision of these terms in whole or in part are invalid or unenforceable this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The same applies in the event that the agreement contains a loophole. Instead of the invalid or unenforceable provisions or to fill the gap is a reasonable provision, to the extent legally possible, the economic meaning or original provision comes and corresponds to what Gonnado and the parties would have intended, as long as they may have considered this point.

  1. 14. Final Provisions

    1. 14.1 These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time and without notice of Gonnado. Each valid for each individual contract conditions apply. The seller has no claim that future postings are completed under existing conditions. These provisions apply to the contractual and non-contractual liability.

    2. 14.2 The legal relationship to Gonnado AG are exclusively subject to Swiss law. The exclusive jurisdiction of Berne, Switzerland agreed.

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