Measure purchases, inquiries or other actions such as downloads. Your campaign is continuously optimized to increase conversion.

Open Access

With Gonnado Ads you have access to the most important advertising space and retargeting data. This includes advertising space on 2 million websites including Facebook, Google, YouTube or Instagram and retargeting data as Gonnado cookies, Facebook Likes and YouTube Plays.

ROAS measures

With Gonnado Ads you can consistently measure the return on investment of your campaign on online as well as offline purchases within the whole advertising network. As a result, your budget can be focused precisely on the advertising spaces, audience and advertising media with the highest ROI.

State of the Art

With Gonnado Ads you always benefit from state of the art technology. Our developer team continuously performs updates and optimizations in the background, so that your campaigns are always on the cutting edge of technology and achieve maximum results.