Retargeting Platform

Create retargeting campaigns within 10 just minutes.
Measure conversions online as well as offline.

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1. Retargeting target group

Your customers and potential buyers are the target group

Your target group data from Google AdWords und Facebook Ads are combined. This way you can reach over 90% of all people who interact with you. Your target group consists of your website vistors, the likes of your Facebook page and the plays of your Youtube channel.

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2. Retargeting Ads

By using ads you activate your target group

Manage campaigns at Google AdWords and Facebook Ads in one step. Both advertising networks reach 95% of all internet users on 2 million websites and apps including Facebook, Google, Youtube and Instagram. Your click regulations are personalised for each user. Programatic-Buying decreases your advertising costs at Google and Facebook.

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3. Coupon Distribution

You can send your coupons via SMS and E-Mail

Through the retargeting ads your target group reaches the landing page. There the coupon can be ordered by SMS or E-Mail. The conversion data about the acquisition and redemption of the coupons is aligned with the Conversion-Data at Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. With a few clicks the intelligent coupons can be produced and managed.

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4. Coupon redemption

Measure the turnover at the cash till and online

Your coupons are shown at the cash till either on the smart phone or printed. The barcode or QR-Code on the coupon is read by the cash register system. When your customers activate the mobile-coupon the barcode on the display shows for 20 minutes. This activation is reported as Offline-Conversion to Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. That's how you measure offline sales as if they happened online. More about coupons


Online advertiesments exclusively displayed to individuals who have recently visited your website. About 95% of your website visitors do not buy directly, but are interested.

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With Gonnado Ads, you can easily integrate coupons into your campaign. This allows you to measure how many customers you have gained, even if they buy offline.

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Your campaign is continuously optimized by your account manager as well as with automated algorithms. Thus, the ROI of your campaign increases over time.

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Full Service

Gonnado Ads offer you full service, starting at a daily budget of $/€1.00. You only need 10 minutes to log in, everything else is taken care of by Gonnado Ads.

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Ad Networks

Gonnado Ads reach your target group from one single platform to over 2 million websites and mobile apps such as,, and Instagram.

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Target Groups

With Gonnado Ads you can target your website visitors accurately. Moreover, you can add your Facebook likes and YouTube views to this group.

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Gonnado Ads create your ads in full service for free. Alternatively, you can create your ads in self service or upload your own promotional material.

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With Gonnado Ads, you can easily track actions on your website such as purchases, inquiries and other activities. Your campaign is continuously optimized in order to increase conversion rates.

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