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Experiences with Gonnado ads.
Over 1'000 customers trust in Gonnado Ads.

Erfahrungen mit Gonnado Ads

«Gonnado Ads provide excellent customer service» Tauchshop Luzern, R. Loretz

C. Hardung,

«No other online action provides us with so many customers and such low advertising costs per customer as coupon Remarketing with Gonnado Ads.»

Case Study

R. Gmür
Kieser Training

«Already in the free trial period of the campaign the performance significantly exceeded our previous results in online advertising.»

Case Study

B. Brenna

«With Gonnado Ads our cost per acquired customer are measurably lower than other online measures e.g. Groupon.»

Case Study

K. Bhatta
Himalaya Trekking

«Already with the first 30 EUR advertisement expenditures, we achieved a total turnover of 3,700 EUR. Gonnado Ads are significantly more efficient than Google AdWords.»

Case Study

M. Seiler
Circus NOCK

«With Gonnado Ads our sales have increased. Additionally we have no time expenditure. The efficiency of Gonnado Ads is higher than comparable measures.»

Case Study

Stefan, Olai Werbeagentur
«With Gonnado Ads we do retargeting campaigns for our customers. We save time and can measure offline conversions.»

Case Study