Sales Promotion with Retargeting and Couponing

Gonnado Ads is the only platform with which to create a complete retargeting campaign including ads and coupons in just 10 minutes, and advertise it intelligently on Facebook, Google and 2 million other websites.


Often, only about 2% of the visitors of your website buy your offer directly. Since the other 98% are interested as well, it is worth to remind them with retargeting ads across the internet in order to win them back.

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For many companies it is difficult to measure how much revenue was generated by an advertising campaign. Coupons allow you, besides the buying incentive for your customers, to measure the turnover of your online campaign closely.

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Efficient online marketing with retargeting and couponing is technically complicated. But with Gonnado Ads you need neither time nor know-how. With both the self service and the full service, you do not need more than 10 minutes.

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One Platform for Everything

Measurably gain customers, with just a few clicks - the Gonnado Ads Platform makes every step of customer aquisition possible, without having to use any other tools. With just one form you can provide all necessary information. Gonnado Ads will then create a complete campaign, including ads, target audiences, coupons, reports, etc. While you will save a lot of time.

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Revolutionary Technology

Lower your costs and time investment – the Gonnado Ads Platform analyzes every click on your ads and directs your budget accordingly; to those ads, websites, and persons that trigger the lowest costs per new customer. This way, your cost per gained customer decreases continually throughout the campaign, without having to worry about it.

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Measurable Results

Measure the generated revenue – the Gonnado Ads platform allows every business, be it online or offline, to exactly count the number of customers acquired with the campaign. Beside online tracking, this is achieved with coupons which are easily integrated into your campaign.

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