Online sales promotion

Display your ads to previous visitors of your website while they are surfing on Google, Facebook or one of 2 million other websites.
Start your free trial campaign with an advertising budget worth $100 and use coupons to see how many customers you acquired.

Retargeted Audience

With retargeting, your ads will be displayed exclusively to persons who have visited your website already. Compared to random internet users your website’s previous visitors are more likely to be interested in your offers and more likely to click your ads in order to buy your products.

Measurable Response

By offering a coupon for a discount, a free gift or the like, you can derive the success of your campaign from the number of coupons redeemed. What’s more we regularly provide you with key figures about your campaign such as the number of displayed ads and the click through rate.

Save Valuable Time

Create banner ads, Google text ads and Facebook ads in one single step. In just 10 minutes your ads are ready to be placed on more than 2 million websites including Google and Facebook. Alternatively the creation of your ads can be done by our employees (completely free of cost).

Google Display Network

With only one form, you can create 10 different banners and text ads to be displayed on Google Network. Alternatively you can let our employees create your ads, it's for free. Google network covers 2 million websites including the search engine and reaches 80% of global internet users.

Facebook Advertising Network

The Facebook ads are generated in the same step as the Google ads. Facebook ads appear as sponsored posts on and in mobile apps. This enables you to target your ads to about 50% of global internet users and to get your ads on different kinds of devices.

Gonnado Activity Network

Gonnado places your ads in an exclusive leisure advertising network with hundreds of websites throughout Switzerland. This includes, a metasearch engine for leisure activities.

Banner retargeting

The percentage of users who book an offer when they visit your website the first time is often as low as 2 percent. Give a second chance to the remaining 98 percent and let your advertising banner being displayed to your previous visitors while they are surfing on one of over 2 million other websites.

Facebook Retargeting

Use also the social network Facebook to remind your website's visitors. Your retargeting ads will appear in the news feed as sponsored posts or in the right column. Through Facebook you can reach your customers on any device.

Partner Retargeting

Adress people who visited the website of a partner company. In this way you and your partner can benefit from customers who book your offer and an offering of your partner in combination.

Geographic targeting

Target your ads to potential customers based on their current location. Apart from advertising worldwide, you can target persons within a certain radius from your company's location, people in a specific area or internet users of a particular country.

Demographic targeting

You can restrict your target audience based on demographic criteria. Possible criteria are among others: Language, age, gender, family, relationship status and profession. Thanks to the user friendly interface of Gonnado Ads you can define the relevant criteria for Google and Facebook at once, with just a few clicks.

Facebook targeting

Target potential customers based on the "likes" they put on Facebook, or use one of over 500 predefined like lists. This enables you to achieve a much preciser targeting than by using the interface of Facebook.

Google targeting

Define keywords for Google AdWords, and get your ads on the top of Google's search results. Take advantage of over 500 predefined keyword lists and let your retargeting ads being displayed as google adwords in the search results.

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Obtain an advertising budget worth $100

  • free advertising credit worth $100
  • ads can be displayed on over 2 MM websites
  • performance is measured through coupons
  • Cancellation requires just one click

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