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Increase your sales and gain more customer data. Simple, measurable and performance-based.

How are sales promoted?

With Gonnado's software, you can generate leads with proven marketing strategies and convert them measurably into retail or online sales. You pay for the entire service on a purely success-based basis - your profit is guaranteed.

1. See Coupon

You offer a coupon and consumers see it on your website, in your online advertising and in your offline channels. With Gonnado's automated platform, all channels are cleverly coordinated.


2. Save Coupon

Consumers claim their coupons by e-mail or SMS by providing the data you want. In this way, you generate leads for your direct marketing, such as your newsletter, customer card or call centre.


3. Redeem Coupon

Consumers visit your stores or online shop, make a purchase and redeem the coupon. This measures which measures lead to which leads and which leads convert to a sale.


Why do I need Gonnado?

With Gonnado's software, you'll earn more revenue at lower costs and get ahead faster. The all-in-one platform measures the profitability of each click, optimizes each channel individually, and directs your budget to the most profitable channels.

"Mit Gonnado haben wir unsere Newsletter Signups stark gesteigert. Über 20% der gewonnen Leads haben innerhalb von 60 Tagen in unseren Filialen und online eingekauft. Der erzielte ROAS hat die Anforderungen deutlich übertroffen."